It is my pleasure to announce that this December I will be headed out on idobi Radio’s A Very Merry Christmas Acoustic Tour alongside BEST OF FRIENDS (feat. members of Boys Like Girls) and Josh Withenshaw! Throughout the tour we will be teaming up with Christmas Toy Drive to raise donations for The Salvation Army! Everyone who donates a toy will receive a free gift and entry to an after show hangout with the bands. Tickets are on sale now at:

Hope to see you all in December!

Update #14

Hey folks,

I’m gonna keep this one quick and just update you on what’s to come!

I recently finished up shooting the music video for my single “Downtown” with Director Jade Ehlers. The filming process this time around got a little crazy; working through chances of thunderstorms and losing power on the set, but was hands down the funnest shoot I’ve done to date. With a release date scheduled for November, I’m more than excited to not only see the final product, but show you all as well.

Also, it was just announced that I will be playing in Seattle on November 8th at the Q Cafe. Come join me along with some other great acts including District & Rebel Alley for night of great music and good times. Tickets are available in advance at the link below:

I’m working on some big things behind closed doors right now, that I can’t wait to share with you. Be sure to stay tuned as things start to unravel throughout the rest of 2013.

Until then…


Dylan Taylor Jakobsen

Update #13

These past couple weeks I’ve been hearing a lot of people asking me the same questions… “Dylan, what’s next now that you’ve put out the new record?”, “I love the new sound but where did the sudden change come from?” and “Will we be seeing you on the road this year?”.  So I wanted to take this newsletter to spend time answering these questions and talk a little about what I’ve been going through and working on lately.

If you’ve been following me throughout the last year, you’ve probably witnessed a lot of progression and growth as both an artist and song writer. You’ve also probably noticed the sudden changes in musical stylings and heard new roots of country, rock n roll and americana begin to shine through in my songs. As I grew older, my thoughts and ideas were broadened and I began to expand my musical horizon to new genres of music I had never listened to much before, country music. Little did I know that I would find myself having such a strong attachment to it, when just a few months before, I never listened to it. 

With that being said, lately I’ve been trying to live by the motto “Do what makes you happy, not what gets you by.” and utilize it in every way possible. That’s where the whole genre change stemmed from as country music began to steal my heart. Of course with transitioning there’s always ups and downs. One on hand, being able constantly to play the music you love to your fans is an amazing feeling, but there are also the downsides; the possibility that the music you evolve into isn’t evolving as well with some of your fans, a risk most artists face as they progress, and that you won’t be able to make good enough music in a new genre you’ve never worked in before. But even with all of those risks in front of me, I felt as though I needed to just dive in and do it.

Statelines is my risk at a new direction for me. As I said on The Mike Herrera Hour last week, I like to view the record as a new starting point in my career that can only grow as time passes. I’m taking a risk with something I’m new to and a genre I’m still familiarizing myself with to make it my own. The response I’ve received since the release has been overwhelming, when to be honest, I had no idea what to expect. I’m extremely glad I made the move that I did and feel grateful that the majority of you have stuck with me through all the changes. 

As for whats to come, It’s all in the works. I’m planning the next steps with Statelines and growing as an artist within this new ground I’ve just recently set foot in. I’m currently in the process of getting ready to shoot a new music video as well as finalizing the details on some upcoming shows and other surprises to finish out the rest of 2013.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like i’ll be making it out on the road this year but in 2014 you will surely be seeing me! Until then, please be sure to pick up your copy of my brand new record on iTunes ( or purchase the deluxe edition physical copy featuring 3 bonus tracks available only on my merch store ( Also, if you missed it or perhaps just want to hear it again, you can download and listen to Episode #29 of The Mike Herrera Hour featuring Josh Withenshaw of Every Avenue, Stephen Jerzak and I for free by clicking the the following link ( 

Thank you all for the continued support and I look forward to seeing where the road takes us a year from now. Things can only go up on this journey as this is only the beginning!