Update #4

Hello Everybody,

It’s finally December, the 12th month of the year in a year where I accomplished things I never dreamt of being able to do. Without your support, I never would have been given all the opportunities I’ve had this year. I never would have gotten to record new music in studios I could only dream of recording in. But most importantly, I wouldn’t be living my dream every day, if it weren’t for each and every one of you. So this year, I owe to you guys.

Let’s go back to last January; when preparation for my debut album “Tell Everything” began. I spent countless hours in the studio recording and putting together a collection of songs I had written over the past few years. At that same time, I launched a Kickstarter project to help fund my album, which raised an unbelievable total of $6,147. The amount of backing and support I received from that project and to know that so many people were behind me supporting my dream, literally felt so amazing.

Then, in April, May, and June, I began to receive offers to play some of the most incredible shows of my career opening for bands I grew up listening to like The Maine, Lydia, Go Radio, and This Providence. On June 21st, I released my debut album “Tell Everything” and I had never been so excited to release new music. By that time, I had been going at this whole solo project thing for about two years and was finally able to put out an album I was proud of.

With it’s release came a summer of touring. Hitting the West Coast for my 2nd year in a row, I got to meet a ton of new people, catch up with old friends, and play in cities I had never even been to before. But as with everything in life, tour came with lots of ups and downs. It really opened my eyes to many new possibilities and gave me a new beginning for my career. When I got home, I began to explore new sounds and wrote a new EP titled “Long Way Home”. Soon after writing these songs, I received the opportunity to fly down to LA and record them in Robert Schwartzman of Rooney’s studio with a great producer named Carson Lehman. After 5 days of tracking and mixing, I flew back home to prepare for the biggest show of my career and on October 27th, I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with The All-American Rejects and Boys Like Girls.

Now here I stand, getting ready for my next release after a year of ups and downs, writing and rewriting songs as I grew as an artist, and playing shows I never believed were possible, in shock of how lucky I truly am. Lucky to constantly be surrounded by people who support me, and grow with me as I change and continue to find myself as an artist. With 2013 approaching, I’m not sure where it’s going to take me, or how far my journey will go. But if I’ve learned one thing this year, it’s that no matter where I go, I’ll never forget all the people who brought me to where I am today. So again thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and I hope you’ll stick with me into the next year to see where this crazy world leads me.

Happy Holidays!

Dylan Taylor Jakobsen

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